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 How Long Will It Take To Sell! 

According to market conditions, the length of time to market

your home will vary. While some properties sell in just a few

days. There are six factors  that influence the time it takes to

sell your home.



    Current competition always affects the buyers opinion of your

    of your property and what they think it is worth. So you must be

    competitive with your competition.



    Mortgage interest rates always affect the buyer.



    If your home is not sold after a reasonable length of time, but   

    other similar properties have sold, then the price will need to

    be adjusted.



    You must make your home as presentable as possible. You only

    get one opportunity to make a good impression.



    Supply and demand are the factors influencing whether it is a

    sellers market or buyers market. Nether the seller or realtor

    can control either market.



   Jim Williams marketing techniques are being constantly tested and up  

    dated for the best results.  Our marketing cannot overcome any

    of the five first factors if they are out of balance and remain




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